Before and After

Layer 2: Polygon Lasso, and Smudge
Layer 1: Print Screen, Zoom, Magic Wand, and Perspective Transform
Background: Invert layer

Layer 2: Auto Contrast, Auto Color Correction, Dark Watercolor Filter // 67% Opacity
Layer 1: Auto Color Correction, Auto Levels, Saturation // 100% Opacity

Layer 2: Remove Color, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast // 67%
Layer 1: Backdrop behind Statue in White. Magic Wand, Refine Edge, Paint Bucket // 50%
Background: Original Picture // 100%

Layer 2: Rotate, Remove Color, Auto Contrast, “Blasted” Levels // 67%
Layer 1: Rotate, “Blasted” Saturation, Color Correction // 100%

Layer 2: Remove Color, “Blasted” Levels, Polygon Lasso, Refine Edge // 100%
Layer 1: Auto Smart Fix // 100%

Face overlay


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