I love music and movies, as well as television. I think these media have cultural and historical value, not to mention entertainment value, which is why i love watching and listening to them. A lot. Another goal is to to find out why certain classics are revered.

Since i do this anyway, it would be a waste not to start documenting it. For those of you not keen on animation, japanese or otherwise, i’ll be reviewing many many other things as well. I just happened to start by reviewing an anime.

In terms of scale, i have a lot of catching up to do. I might be reviewing a new show or an old classic, and there are plenty out there. For now, i wont focus on grading the content, as my opinion will most likely change, as well as my skill at reviewing (hopefully for the better).

Also of note, for animation, i will also focus on reviewing the voicework, and decide which language i prefer. I will also post what streaming service or release i use to watch. It will be interesting i think. Enjoy.



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