Different Gear Still Speeding / Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (2011)

Noel Gallagher is second in the game after his younger brother Liam and the remaining members of Oasis formed Beady Eye, but not necessarily second best. Beady Eye’s debut Different Gear still speeding makes attempts at a rebirth of Oasis, without much of the vocal affects that trademarked their later work. It has it’s low points. In my opinion, unless Liam sings perfectly his voice can get annoying. However when he sings well it shows, and this made Different Gear sound fresh. Apart from Beady Eye, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds harkens back to the sound of their 2005 album Don’t Believe the Truth. Noel played a huge part in what made those albums great and he put it to use here in songs like “Dream on”, “If I Had A Gun” and “Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks”. Unlike Beady Eye, Noel has no problem playing his Oasis-era music at shows.

This is important. As an artist, Noel doesn’t want to redefine himself or his sound, he’s just cut out what hasn’t worked in the past. Even though this album has a lot of good points, I can’t help but say that Noel sounds like a retired rockstar someone past their peak of fame.

Original post 02 Feb 2012


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