Golden Boy (1995-1996)

Viewing: Crunchyroll
Preferred Language: Japanese
Normally I would stick with the dub on a show like this. I checked out the English voice cast and companies on ANN, and everything seemed to be in order. ADV Films usually does a good job with their dubbing, but for some reason the voice acting (mostly Kintaro himself) wasn’t up to par on this.
After switching to subs, I noticed that the supporting characters’ performances were pretty much the same as far as in the first few minutes. As for Kintaro, the acting was worlds apart. As i said, I always hope for a good English version, but sometimes that isn’t the case. The Japanese VA for Kintaro (Mitsuo Iwata) is very talented, and is perfect for how crazy and reactionary Kintaro is. He has to able to display so many different emotions in every scene.
On to the show itself. Amazing. If you’re not turned off by very raunchy scenes, I highly recommend it, especially since they… Ahem… don’t detract from the show! In this regard it truly is noteworthy. The show is full of Ken’s hilarious reactions and pervy-ness, but also how caring and kind-hearted he can be. I would rank this show among the best of OVAs, FLCL and Kite to name a few, although I actually prefer this to Kite. Recommended. Definitely not for kids.

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