Something for the Pain (2011)

Redlight King is the brainchild of frontman Mark “Kaz” Kasprzyk. But Kaz might tell you that his album is not a fantasy, that the story it tells is his own. In the past 10 years he’s dealt with drug abuse, family issues, and a struggle to make something of himself while supporting a family. He was constantly told no by the music industry but he kept at it. Facing a life of dead ends and obstacles–red lights–and coming out on top, that is the story of Kaz the Redlight King.

The album, titled Something for the Pain is a fusion of Hip Hop/Rap, Acoustic Rock and Alternative Rock styles. I gathered it would be a country sounding album with samples after hearing the single Old Man. My first impression was blown out of the water when I heard the title track, with blazing guitars and Kaz sounding a bit like Adam Levine. The title, Bullet in My Hand, Comeback, Underground, City Life are the loudest songs on the album and really make it powerful. Old Man is one of his quieter tracks along with Drivin to Kalifornia, Little Darlin, and When The Dust Settles Down that settle down and eventually end the album.

I didn’t have big expectations for the rest of the album after I heard Old Man, but if you remember that Neil Young supported him with a sample then it makes sense that Kaz can make music this good. I was impressed overall with its complexity and execution, the style of Redlight King is comprehensive with a foot wading in the pool of every genre. I say complex, but really Kaz is writing about simple things like pain and perseverance to do what you believe in. This is a great album, but I can’t help but worry about his future releases, if success will go to his head and mess with the realism that is Redlight King.

Original post 25 Sept 2011


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