Meet Your Ghost (2011)

This Brooklyn production duo operated primarily to design hip hop beats until recently. Their 2009 rock debut Just A Game combined hip hop percussion and sampling with guitars to design a classic rock record out of modern instruments. They use a simple guitar loop and drums on “Tell Me Stories” for a Beatles-esque sound. The Kickdrums are Alex Fitts and Matt Penttilla, known in the music scene as Fitts and Tilla. Both are savvy producers, but in a Rock record Fitts takes the helm as the groups vocalist, with Tilla as the DJ.

Now don’t make any assumptions about this group. The Kickdrums will deliver for those who don’t enjoy hip hop, but they don’t ignore their roots as producers. Their second rock album Meet Your Ghost lets all of their noise loose. It doesn’t attempt to conceal the techno sound that permeates popular rap music, but it has that unique Kickdrums sound to it. The album is full of guitars, snare drums, loops, and apparently a Poland Spring water bottle was used for percussion on the track “Counting On You”. A rap beat that was meant for Young Jeezy is used in “Colors” with Fitts singing as he would over a rock sound. Most of the music is about past relationships and  life in New York and Chicago “The city with the burning river”. The title track grabs you with its lyrics “We killed our enemies and now there’s no one left”. If I had to describe “Meet Your Ghost” in one word it would be catharsis.

Original post 05 Feb 2012

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