Bandcamp is pretty revolutionary, mostly because a good majority the music it hosts are free. I actually made that up, but the fact remains that there are a massive amount of talented artists out there on Bandcamp who are basically giving away free downloads. That alone should be a good enough reason to hop over there and check some artists out. If you find an artist that you want to help support, you have the option to buy their albums, look up their next show, and even buy merch or physical records.

Some albums aren’t free, but usually the most recent album or song is, at least for a limited time. Eventually i plan to review some of these individually, but for now I will start with my favorite artists on there, and provide a bit of info.

TV GIRL – Los Angeles, CA

RED MARTINA (Hip Hop / Downtempo) – Philadelphia, PA

BEDROOM CASSETTE MASTERS (Anthology of lo-fi electronica from the 70’s onward) – UK

NEW RETRO WAVE (80’s inspired synth-pop/EDM) – New York, NY

RETRO PROMENADE (80’s inspired synth-pop/EDM) – Austin, TX

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