Golgo 13 Movies (1983, 1998)

Golgo 13: The Professional (1983)
Watching: DVD (Eastern Star)

Baffling. That’s how i’ll put this experience. After seeing the incredible trailer for the Streamline Pictures dub of Golgo 13, i had to see it. I was hoping for over-the-top macho craziness, and a great action movie. It was just ok, and the english acting held up quite well, especially Michael McConnohie as the rich Oil baron Leonard Dawson. The plot overcomplicates itself, and leaves behind so many plot holes and leaves the viewer in disbelief. The CGI sequences are well utilized in the opening titles, but absolutely shit the bed in the helicopter scene, late in the movie. Wow it looks bad. I won’t go any further, because its just so dissapointing. One thing i will say is that Duke (AKA Golgo 13) is very popular with the ladies.

Golgo 13: Queen Bee (1998)
Watching: DVD (Urban Vision)

Queen Bee is a mildly interesting attempt at a political conspiracy. The english cast is actually not from the usual anime talent pool. Most of the cast are what you’d expect to see in American cartoons like Teen Titans or Futurama. The most notable appearance is John DiMaggio as Golgo 13 himself, although not exactly a verbose role in this picture. “Queen Bee” is more central to the story in this one, and has far more stake on screen. Ultimately, the battles are somewhat interesting, but it feels as though most of this could have been avoided. Instead if doing his job as an assassin, 13 “gets to know” his target, and then kills them later even though he could have done so at earlier opportunities. It just feels like his only reason for waiting is, “the movie isn’t over, cant end it yet”. Bullshit.


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