Hannibal (2013) Episodes 1-5

Watching: Amazon Instant Video

Hannibal is one of those shows that improves as it moves along. Ranked first on A.V. Club’s “Best TV of 2014” list, i had to try it out. Naturally my expectations were high. The first few episodes were decent, but it made me sick that anyone could possibly rank them above the FX adaptation of FARGO. My main complaints are with the dialogue. Will Graham (the male lead) and other minor characters’ dialogue often make too many attempts at wit, and instead sound cheesy and distasteful. At times it ruins the show’s freaky mood, but rest assured, HANNIBAL has many many good points, including the flawless performance of Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Lecter himself.

Episodes 4-5 have been the most enjoyable and evil so far, and the dialogue is less bothersome now. This show hasn’t reached the level of MANHUNTER or SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, but is certainly worth exploring. I haven’t made a full judgement yet, but I anticipate (and hope) the series will improve even further in later episodes. It may be worth following to the end, if only to see Mikkelsen’s Lecter in his entirety. Spooky.

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