Hannibal (2013) Episodes 10-11

Episode 10 “Buffet Froid”

Right away it is clear that this episode is different from the rest. The style shifts to horror. Good horror.

A new killer with an illness similar to Graham’s is investigated. Graham falls deeper into dissociation, and must try to latch on to reality. Lecter runs tests on Graham and begins to study him. Graham is followed by the killer, and becomes afraid for multiple reasons.

Inverse to the last episode, which saw Graham lying and withholding information from the FBI, we are back somewhat to more clearcut lines of villainy. Lecter kills again, and Graham tries to understand and find the killer, who is a young girl. This episode is notably scary, so I wonder if this trend will continue.

It has now occurred to me that the man in charge of the maximum security psychiatric ward from prior episodes may be the same one that appears in Silence of the Lambs (where Lecter is eventually detained). It will be very exciting to see if others like him pop up.

Its hard to tell what events are planned by Lecter, or simply happen by chance. He is not as revealing as he is in Silence of the Lambs. It’s entirely possible that all of these events are part of his plan, or he simply likes to fuck around with Graham and the FBI. Wills current state of unrest is very reminiscent of the character in Manhunter, and its easy to see now what drove him to that traumatized point in the future. Enough for now. I’m ready for more.

Episode 11 “Rôti”

More trippy Lynchian shit. The frequent time lapse sequences now seem related to Will Grahams time lapses. Hannibal is really fucking with Graham here, and its unclear how far he will let this go. Gideon escapes and wreaks havoc, and Lecter takes advantage of Will’s psychological state.

Very trippy, very well done episode. I can’t get enough. It’s hard to believe that this many serial killers could exist, but i suppose Lecter attracts them. It will be interesting to watch Manhunter and Red Dragon with Will’s character in mind. Stellar episode.


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