Hannibal (2013) Episodes 6-7

Watching: Amazon Instant Video

More Hannibal per episode = better show. As Lecter becomes more involved with his own investigation, it increasingly reminds me of DEATH NOTE, although it has obvious similarities to DEXTER as well.

When I started watching, i posted that “Hannibal is the best show on the Food Network right now” in reference to Lecter’s frequent culinary occupations, many (or all) of which involve human meat. Boy was i right on the money, since these last few episodes have been full of even more cooking.

One thing that i don’t quite understand is whether this show is a reboot of the Hannibal franchise as a whole. For one thing, it is most certainly set in the present, since Lecter uses a tablet to read the tabloid “TattleCrime”, even though the plot at present precedes the events of the novels Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs. Another inconsistency being that Lecter leaves the bodies of some of his victims, while it is stated in SILENCE that he ate all of his. Yes, it would seem that in this show, Hannibal does eat organs from all of his victims, but not their entire bodies to eliminate evidence. I will update when i’ve watched more and looked into this further, but for now, i’m assuming that that the TV series is of a separate canon than the movies.


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