Hannibal (2013) Episodes 8-9

Episode 8 “Fromage”

I swear, every episode that I’ve seen is the best one so far. Lecter is contacted by a serial killer, and the investigation gets closer and closer to him every minute. We meet his therapist, and learn about their relationship as well as his past. Graham and Bloom kiss, but insists they are not compatible. Graham hallucinates, and a new killer is found. Lecter’s office becomes a crime scene.

Best yet, and the plot, as i said before, is reminiscent of the anime/manga series DEATH NOTE. That particular show follows a high schooler whose notebook can kill, eventually joining his own investigation. Hannibal is far more gruesome, but it’s still all there, an intelligent killer who helps people investigate him due to boredom.

Episode 9 “Trou Normand”

Secrets are revealed, alliances change. Bloom has second thoughts about rejecting Graham. Lecter gets closer to Graham, and Abigail plans a book about the murders and to argue her innocence. A killer allows himself to be discovered.

This episode features a personal favorite (both in voice as well a on screen) Lance Henriksen as the Totem Pole killer. Not much to say here except that he steals the scene, and his acting and voice are excellent.

This episode gravitates away from the black and white procedural, to a more trippy Lynchian experience. HANNIBAL finally sets itself apart by chipping away at the border between good and evil. The score is becoming particularly enjoyable, as well as the locations and cinematography. Just as before, the show keeps getting better. Onward and upward!


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