Paranoia Agent (2004) Episode 1

Its hard to describe Paranoia Agent and actually make sense, so I’ll try to stay focused and not look too much into symbolism. One thing that stays true in every episode, is that the show constantly reverts expectations. The mood shifts back and forth between realism and pure dream and fantasy, and likewise between drama and comedy. This balance is tough to pull off, because if it is done incorrectly, one side may seem less important. This is not the case here.

While tension and frustration builds in this city, some of the characters are introduced, but this episode mainly focuses on Tsukiko Sagi, the creator of the popular character Maromi, who is attacked on her way home. Most episodes will focus in on a new character, with the police investigation in the background.

While some of the events happen in a humorous way, they are all very real and serious topics such as a pressured work environment, bullying at school, struggles with mental health, and sexual exploitation. Terrible and unfortunate things happen to these characters, and the show keeps moving. Their lives grow more complex and the paranoia grows. The comedy allows viewers to experience catharsis, and the street assaults connect the large cast together.

EPISODE 1 “Enter Lil’ Slugger”
Frustration builds and rumors spread. Tsukiko Sagi is attacked, which causes hysteria about the infamous attacker “Lil Slugger”. The validity of her story is called into question, and a sketchy reporter follows her story as well as the ongoing police investigation. A homeless woman disappears. Sagi is bombarded with hate from fans and coworkers, finding comfort only from her character Maromi. Rumors spread further, and the “Lil Slugger” story grows. When the reporter follows her home, he is attacked by Lil Slugger, as if to protect Sagi, or for a just purpose. This of course, is not the case.

The previews for the next episode  are total nonsense, so don’t sweat the details. They’re presented by a senile old man, and somewhat describe the episode, but it isn’t worth figuring out. Agent is cryptic at times, but it doesn’t detract from any enjoyment at all. Dare I say, masterpiece?

Paranoia Agent, created by Satoshi Kon and animated by Madhouse, aired late at night in 2004 on the satellite network WOWOW. It was later translated, and the English version ran on Adult Swim in 2005.


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