Mad As Hell (2014)

Currently sporting a weak 30% on the film rating site Rotten Tomatoes, Mad As Hell shows the rise of Cenk Uygur and his political web series The Young Turks, or TYT. The film has been criticized for lack of objectivity on Cenk, as well as being uninteresting for those not familiar with his work. Clearly this was a not the sole creation of the director, Andrew Napier, but a Young Turks project meant for fans of the show. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be seen as a political doc, but rather a documentary on Cenk and his projects, which happens to involve politics.

Cenk has been known to try and be objective, to explain both sides. He also makes a point of telling the other when their point is “bullshit”, which upsets some people. At one point in the film, he tells a guest to “shut up”.

The film follows Cenk Uygur’s challenges in following his dreams, giving up a lucrative career as a lawyer to become a talk show host. Mad would have benefited from outside perspectives (those not affiliated with TYT) however it still does very well. It ultimately feels like something that would be posted on the TYT Youtube channel, which fits within their style. For Youtubers looking to make a feature length film, this is exactly what fans will want, and what viewers will ultimately be interested in.

The footage used is from various sources, from VHS, shitty flash video, to the new high def footage. The contrast between them is somewhat jarring, but ultimately that was the content they produced. Worth checking out, and a must see for fans of The Young Turks.

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