Durarara!! Season 2 (2015) Episodes 7-9

Episode 7 – Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears
Overarching plot still not abundantly clear, but its coming together somewhat. The animation in this episode is definitely the worst so far. The low frame rate in certain scenes really kills a lot of momentum, which is unfortunate because I really enjoyed the backstory on the female assassin.

Hopefully this trend will not continue. So far, I prefer Brain’s Base (Baccano!, Durarara!! Season 1) to whatever studio is currently working on this show. They have a lot of potential, but simply aren’t consistent.

Episode 8 – The Ladies’ Man Has Neither Money nor Power
Finally. Like other ensemble action-mysteries that are told piece by piece (Pulp Fiction for example) the events don’t connect and make sense until a certain point in the story. This was was also true in Season 1 of Durarara!!. In that case, the viewers were left in the dark until it was revealed that Mikado founded “The Dollars”, an online colored gang in Ikebukuro.

Here, in Season 2 (also called Durarara!!x2 Shou), amid the looming gang war, Mikado is reluctant to take the helm of the Dollars, as he never intended for the group to have a leader. Unsure of what to do, he is contacted by his classmate Aoba Kuronuma, who reveals he is the leader of the new “Blue Scarves” colored gang, and that they have already made a move against the Saitama gang.

They ask him to be their leader, the leader of a gang that once feuded with his best friend, Kida. Mikado refuses, seeming disgusted with the proposal. Aoba comments “but you’re smiling”. End of episode. Holy Shit.

Episode 9 – The Day is Short, The Work is Long
Everyone is in the same place at the same time, all for different reasons. Their paths intersect, some characters are misled, and a giant fight breaks out. Classic Durarara!! action. Clearly the show has been building up to this point the whole time, and it’s exciting to finally get there.

That said, there may be different arcs within this season as well, which may have some slow points in between story lines. I’m still excited for the rest.


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