Live Nudes EP (2015) Crash Kings

“I’m gonna try and uncover a true silver lining”
The pacing is reminiscent of their 2009 single “You Got Me”, which I’m not the biggest fan of. This is pretty good, but it feels like they’ve done it before. Even my least favorite track is still pretty enjoyable.

“Heart is racing, can you feel my love?”
Listen loud. This song brings Crash Kings back to loudness and the power of live instrumentation, which is what makes their shows and music so good. Frontman Antonio Beliveau (Vocals / Keyboard) is really able to go HAM on this track, and that is what they absolutely do best. Favorite track.

“Run for your life, it’s coming”
More mellow track which gains momentum slowly. This track has a country vibe to it, which isn’t a bad thing. Very chill at first, growing louder and more Rock-oriented towards the end. It holds it’s own among the rest, and is definitely a worthwhile outlier in their catalog

“Someone else is doing just fine”
At this point, the listener can really appreciate their shift from using synthesizers in their last album (Dark to Daylight), to straight-up keyboard. The Crash Kings require nothing more, and that clearly works well on this. Mid-song, they break from the multi-layered upbeat sound, into a single piano and vocals which really transforms the song from a simple beat, into something truly engaging for the listener.

“As I devise a master plan, I ask myself who was that man?”
Somber track. They begin slowly, and mange to pick up pace, then keys getting louder, Antonio shouts “Hungry for life!”. It comes to life. Similar formula to “Some Call It Love”, but it works so much better. Great track.

Live Nudes was released by Crash Kings exclusively on the crowdfunding site, Pledge Music.
P.S. Don’t Google “Live Nudes”.


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