Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone (2014)

Part 1 The story supposedly takes place in between the 2012 series The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and the 1971 series Lupin the Third, Part 1; telling the tale of how Jigen and Lupin became partners. The art style and direction are helmed by Takeshi Koike, creator of Redline. Since he also did the character designs in 2012’s Fujiko, the distinctive look of that show persists, albeit with a few minor adjustments. To be honest, I’ve avoided this like the plague after reading a nasty review. Perhaps my low expectations allowed me to enjoy it more than i normally would, but so far I really enjoy Gravestone. I don’t expect Jigen to actually die, and I don’t think anyone does, but that’s the nature of the game–how one gets there is what counts. So far, I am thoroughly engrossed in Part 1, but I suppose endings can always disappoint. We shall see…

Part 2 The ending was mixed. I’d compare it to a superhero movie honestly–the deaths are meaningless and explained away, but you get to see some familiar characters out of the blue to keep things interesting. Overall, I would still recommend seeing Gravestone, even if the ending isn’t stellar. The art and music are fantastic, and the plot and style are more interesting than most other animation out this year–so give it a shot. P.S. I have absolutely no clue what was going with that red guy with the golden wang. Yeah, just thought i should mention that.

Jigen’s Gravestone is one of the many incarnations Lupin the Third, a franchise with annual features and TV specials since the 1970’s. Gravestone is available to watch on Hulu in both English and Japanese, from Eastern Star and TMS Entertainment. Original manga created by Monkey Punch.


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