Alex Jamal is an artist and graphic designer. He combs the web looking for new media, and his art is influenced by it. He is currently enrolled in the art program at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, with expected graduation in May 2015.
Jamal grew up in Milton, MA and developed drawing and painting skills from drawing his favorite cartoons, but eventually gravitated towards image editing software. He practiced and played around by making promotional artwork for hypothetical groups. This fascination allowed him to practice and become familiar with Adobe Photoshop, and eventually he was able to make designs for his summer camp, as well as organizations on campus at MCLA.
The constant practice opportunities with Graphic Design keeps Jamal on his toes, and gives him a good sense of layout and composition for his fine art pieces, which are the culmination of his skill sets. He uses various mediums, including regular and macro photography, to highlight alterations and imperfections in consumer media and video.